About Us



Are you the Entrepreneur who has a business proposal which is uniquely positioned and poised for growth – Looking for funds and support services?

Who we are?

We are a team of professionals with the desire to bring into fruition your business proposals.

We are inventor-industry interface

What we do?

We evaluate and facilitate funding of :

  • Business proposals which are novel viable intellectual property, capable of legal protection in the form of patents, trademarks copyrights or geographical indications
  • Business models at the initial stage whose viability has been established and has the potential to grow with rapid strides if funds are injected thereby facilitating rapid expansion
  • Traditional property or repertoire of skills with tried and tested viability
  • We select appropriate solutions to an array of needs which you feel must be addressed e.g. production with proper managerial skills, organized marketing, examining technological obsolescence and technological relevance of your product and services